31 05, 2017

Moy Tung Family Anniversary

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Moy Tung Family Anniversary

Friday May 19-Sunday May 21, 2017

The Moy Tung family anniversary took place this past weekend. The Moy Tung Kung Fu family was founded by Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge in 1986 in Richmond, VA. Since then it has grown to include over 20 schools nationwide. For more on the opening of the first Moy Tung school see our article, here.

My Sifu always […]

3 02, 2017

How Does a Kung Fu Master Train?

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How Does a Kung Fu Master Train?
The Secret of Kung Fu Mastery.
How does a Kung Fu master train? Over the weekend the secret was revealed.

My Sifu told me to gather the heads of the Kung Fu families in his lineage. Starting on Thursday,  January 19th, 2017, we gathered in Richmond for a weekend of advanced Kung Fu training.


Sigung Rob Squatrito traveled in from Virginia Beach. Sigung […]

25 08, 2016

Jong Seminar

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The following is a brief article written by Zach Powell. A student and instructor at Academy of Kung Fu. This past weekend from Friday August 19th to Sunday August 21st we had a Jong workshop. People from around the country gathered to train at the Richmond schools. We trained intensely on the Muk Yan Jong, also know as the Wooden Dummy, delving into the practical […]

16 08, 2016

Free Women’s Self Defense Class

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We recently did a Free Women’s Self Defense Class for women in the community. For starters, we were blown away by how many women were interested in doing this class! We ended up offering two classes in the same day because our first class filled up so fast. We wanted to offer this class as a free opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds […]

16 05, 2016

Moy Tung Family Kung Fu Anniversary

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Moy Tung Family Kung Fu Anniversary

On April 28th through May 2nd, we celebrated the Moy Tung Family Kung Fu Anniversary in Richmond, VA. Sifus and students from around the country came to train and spend time with Sigung Moy Tung and other Kung Fu family. Some of the topics covered included kicking drills, chi sao faun sao to various attacks and Kung Fu Q & A. 

After several […]

21 03, 2016

Kung Fu Vs Any Opponent

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In our newest video, we start off with the scene with Si Gung Moy Tung demonstrating some Kung Fu application. The antagonist are left up to the imagination. Are they a gang? Are they terrorists? Who knows? The bottom line is that the grandmasters which the video proceeds to show, sacrificed tremendously to learn, master and teach this system. Whether you learn Kung Fu for fitness, […]

26 01, 2016

Learn Kung Fu

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Learn Kung Fu: Form 1 of Ving Tsun
The foundation of all Kung Fu training is the forms. Chief among the forms in the Ving Tsun system is Sil Nim Tao (Little Beginning Idea), it is the first form taught. Within it lie the basic principles and movements of the system. However, within it also lie advanced techniques and secrets that can only be unlocked after […]

26 01, 2016

How To Be A Better Martial Arts Student

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How To Be A Better Martial Arts Student
Part I

The following article is based on a document written to improve the training and teaching of Martial Arts teachers. The information also applies to students trying to improve their Martial Arts experience. 

What makes a better Martial Arts student? Whether it is Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, etc. the answer is the same.

The answer also makes someone better […]

7 12, 2015

Christmas Dinner

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Christmas Dinner at Castanea Restaurant
Castanea is this quaint little spot in downtown Richmond. It is owned and run by Phillip Denny who is an excellent chef and treated us to a very special night. In Kung Fu when we eat dinners we usually serve them family style. Meaning, there are plates of food on the table and everyone passes the food around the table, rather […]

18 11, 2015

Self Defense

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A Woman’s Perspective: Why I train Martial Arts.
If we went back 8 years and you asked me what would I do if someone attacked me, here’s the answer you would have gotten: “Um, I’d try to talk to him and make him see that he really didn’t want to do this.” Now, if any of you know Sifu Barry O’Brien, that’s a good way to […]

9 11, 2015

Anniversary Seminar 2015

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We recently had our anniversary seminar for 2015. Each year we celebrate our move to the West End and another successful year of training. People travel from around the country to visit our school and train with us for the weekend. That is the great thing about Kung Fu, when you start training you adopt a Kung Fu family. You can visit these family schools from […]

26 09, 2015

Anniversary Seminar

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Come join us on Saturday, October 3rd for our 4th Anniversary Seminar. From 12:00-1:00pm we will be having an Open House where everyone is welcome to attend. We encourage friends, family, and all those interested to come for free adult and kid introductory lessons, demonstrations and to see what our school is all about. For all students and Moy Yat family members we will also […]

21 09, 2015

Gold Festival Demo

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This weekend we took part in the Gold Festival on West Broad Street. We did a demo, students trained and taught several free self defense introductory courses to the general public. It was nice to work outside and meet some new people. Thanks to all that participated!

21 09, 2015


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We have recently had some beautiful fall weather. Sifu has taken this opportunity to do some outside training. There’s something about the cool air and sunshine that makes you want to work harder, breathe deeper. Sifu went over goose kicks (front kicks while moving) while also striking. He showed us dim jearms and punches in sets of three. This short video will be a part […]

8 06, 2015

7th Annual O’Brien Clan Seminar

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We just had our annual O’Brien Clan Kung Fu Seminar 2015 at the end of May. This year the topics were: My Sang Jong, Gerk Jong and Leg training. However, Sifu O’Brien went into great detail on many other aspects of Kung Fu training as well. It was a very informative and fun weekend that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to all the students that made it out, we’ll […]

17 03, 2015

Moy Tung Anniversary

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This past weekend we celebrated Grandmaster Moy Tung’s 29th Anniversary of teaching Ving Tsun Kung Fu. We started the weekend at the West End school with Sifu O’Brien and spent Saturday at the Main St. School followed by dinner at Ful Kee. We saw students from Texas, Michigan, Maryland, D.C., Maine and more!

*Photos courtesy of Peter Quach from the Maryland school.

5 03, 2015

29th Anniversary Seminar

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This weekend, March 6-8, is the 29th Anniversary of the Moy Tung Kung Fu Family. This is an annual seminar that is held in Richmond, VA but is attended by students and Sifus from all around the country. It’s an opportunity for new and old students to train, learn and improve their Kung Fu.

5 03, 2015

Kid’s Classes for Montessori

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We are happy to announce that Academy of Kung Fu Kid’s Program has expanded to Tuckahoe Montessori School. Children enrolled there can now sign-up for an 8 week introductory course in Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Shelby, a representative from the school came by to take some video footage and interview Amy O’Brien about what our kid’s class is all about. Take a look!

4 03, 2015

Sifu’s Birthday

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We recently celebrated Sifu Barry’s birthday at McCormicks Big Whisky Grill. Thanks to Philip, who cooked us many delicious dishes and kept us full and happy. We had a good turnout of students and some we have not seen for a while. We were glad to see you all come out and spend the evening with us.

18 01, 2014

History of Ving Tsun

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{The following is an excerpt from “Genealogy of Ving Tsun Kung Fu” from the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. The text in Chinese was a rough draft written by the late Grandmaster Yip Man and was supposed to be the preface for the purpose of organizing the “Ving Tsun Fellowship.” However, the Ving Tsun Fellowship never came into existence; instead, the “Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic […]