Children Classes

Welcome to the Children’s programs at the Academy of Kung Fu. In our children classes we teach traditional Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Our classes will help to improve your child’s balance, coordination, focus, discipline, self control and overall physical abilities.
Unlike many schools we do not have belts, expensive gear and a myriad of instructors. Instead, we focus our attention on giving your child the same authentic Kung Fu that has been passed down for generations.
Your child will get a complete education in Ving Tsun that will also include the rich culture behind Chinese Kung Fu. They will learn about their Kung Fu lineage, the history of their grandmasters and even how to count in Cantonese!

Class Descriptions

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The Kid’s Class:
Tues./Thurs. 4:00pm-5:00pm
•Fall Semester: August 29th- December 12th, 2017

•Teaching children real Ving Tsun Kung Fu, fitness exercises and strength training.
•Great workout that gets kids moving their whole body.
•Training leads to improved balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.
•We teach the kids the importance of manners, respect and discipline.
•We also address how to prevent and deal with dangerous situations.
•Classes meets twice a week for one hour.
•Children ages 5-8


Junior’s Class:
•Tues./Thurs. 5:00pm-6:00pm
•Fall Semester: August 29th- December 12th, 2017

•Will impart a strong foundation in Ving Tsun Kung Fu.
•It teaches awareness and self-defense.
•Geared towards improving fitness, confidence and self-discipline.
•Cardiovascular, flexibility and strength exercises are also incorporated into every class.
•Classes meet twice a week for one hour.
•Children aged 9-14.

Children’s Instructor

AmyAmy has studied Ving Tsun under Sifu O’Brien for seven years. She is currently the Children Program’s Director and Instructor. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011 with a degree in Elementary Education. She worked as a Montessori teacher for 4 years and now owns her own sewing school, Sew Fun where she teaches children and adults how to sew. She also teaches Ving Tsun classes to children at Collegiate School, Tuckahoe Montessori School, Sabot and the Jewish Community Center. Amy is also the instructor and coordinator for all Academy of Kung Fu Summer Programs. She has undergone a background check through the state of Virginia to be certified to teach children. She is dedicated to teaching and loves watching her students improve.

Contact Information:
Phone: (804)386-5003
Email: vakungfu@gmail.com



Kid's ClassAt the Academy of Kung Fu we ask you to commit to an 8 month training session. This will be broken into two four month (16 week) semesters, fall and spring. We designed the semesters around the academic school year so that your family can better manage your busy schedules and still have a break for the holidays.
There are three ways to pay for tuition:
1. Check (full or partial payment)
2. Paypal (see below)
3. Credit/Debit through our billing company- this is a monthly payment taken directly from your bank account. If you have questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to call (804-346-FIST) or email us (MoyYatKungFu@yahoo.com).

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If you are choosing to pay tuition using Paypal, you will have two choices.
1. To pay the full amount of tuition. (Fall and Spring Semesters) **If full tuition is paid before August 30th, you receive $100 off.**
2. A partial payment- This splits your tuition into two payments that are due on August 30, 2016 and January 24, 2017.


**Please note, if payment is received late you will be charged a 10% late fee.